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"Neat Technology, But Who Will Buy It?"

Neat Technology, 
But Who Will Buy It?

a play in 3 acts with a cast of luminaries





Written, produced, and directed by Ralph E. Grabowski

Performance by your organization
This play is available with a royalty fee for each performance.  Contact the playwright for a Performance License.



Act 1 Death and Despair
Act 2 New Models and Hope
Act 3 the Prediction


the Plot

Technology is the most important thing, right?  The answer is, "No."

"Technology is not important, although you must have technology!  The only important requirement is, 'Are there customers for what it is that you are going to make?'  Who is going to buy the darn thing?" - Robert J. Shillman, Ph.D., Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of Cognex

In the real world, we find the importance of Market Research cannot be overestimated in technology businesses.  The goal of a successful business is to satisfy buyers.  Without customers prepared and willing to buy your technical product or solution, no technology – however brilliant – can succeed; no business enterprise will be successful.  Market Research can provide data and understanding to help you steer the enterprise to achieve your business goals.

Such luminaries as the father of the semiconductor wafer stepper, Runner–Up in the 2004 MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition, the inventor of the microwave oven, Michael Dell, Dr. An Wang, and an entrepreneur who shut his company doors after burning through $50 million – all have experienced this need.  Their business results have produced documented data, recently accumulated – and made available in this play. 

"Your evidence of the relationship between market research and success is right on!" - Michael S. Dell, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation.

These facts led to the creation of a new method, the Marketing/Engineering Investment Ratio™ (M/E Ratio™), to guide technology–based enterprises to invest in decisive, front–end Marketing.  At the World Premier performance  in Lowell, formerly home to bankrupt Wang Laboratories with 32,000 employees, Mr. Ralph Grabowski first published Wang's M/E Ratio™ and other new data.  The surprising, counterintuitive evidence shows that successes invest more in Market Research than in engineering.

"Neat Technology" brings to life entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, and technologists.  Starring Marketing professional Ralph Grabowski, an entrepreneur in his own right, a cast of luminaries:

  • Relate their personal triumphs and failures regarding the impact of Market Research – or lack thereof – in their businesses

  • Cite "lessons learned" as they portrayed current – and past – companies with extraordinary technology from the Merrimack Valley and around New England

  • Raise practical questions such as, 
    "Who Needs Marketing?  The product is not ready yet!" and 
    "How can I afford Marketing on a limited budget?"


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