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Why good products fail
Skimping on market research can prove a fatal flaw
By Robert Weisman, Boston Globe Staff



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The evidence from the Globe's role models
How the
microwave oven
became a super success
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How the microwave oven became a super success

Rob Weisman's Boston Globe article begins with his introduction to the microwave oven:

"Raytheon Co. reapplied its radar technology after World War II to invent the microwave oven.  But the original model was a clunker ... Though innovative, Raytheon's original microwave oven was too bulky to find a market"

What he didn't tell you was how the microwave oven became a super success.  From 1944 to 1965, Raytheon's RadaRange was engineering directed:

  • It sold for $50,000 (2006 $)

  • used special 220 Volt wiring
    (needing an electrician)

  • and was water-cooled
    (requiring special plumbing)

Like the proverbial 800-pound Gorilla:

  • It was nearly 6 feet tall and

  • weighed almost 800 pounds

Weisman concludes, "Engineering firms neglect marketing at their own peril."

Raytheon's RadaRange suffered from an M/E Ratio™ of 0.033.  The microwave oven began life as Raytheon's largest commercial failure. 

Photo courtesy of the Spencer Family Archives and Rod Spencer, grandson of Percy Spencer, inventor of the microwave oven.


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Recognizing that they needed to dramatically increase the Marketing investment, Raytheon bought Amana Refrigerator  in 1966 for their Marketing expertise.

Amana raised the M/E Ratio™ to 1.

Amana's Marketing directed their engineering effort and the RadaRange microwave oven to success:

  • It must sell for <$500

  • be portable to the countertop
    (can be lifted by a woman)

  • uses standard 110 Volt wiring
    (no electrician needed)

  • and air cooled
    (no special plumbing)

Furthermore, it came with a home economist.  Literally, when you purchased an Amana RadaRange, a professional home economist, hired by Amana, came into your home and taught you to become a successful microwave oven user.

The picture below was scanned from the cookbook brought into my home in 1972 by Amana's home economist when I bought my first microwave oven.

The difference was dramatic.  Just look at the two images:


Raytheon RadaRange Amana RadaRange
  • Unappealing box of electronics.
  • Put our food  into a black hole?
  • Are you buying a black hole?
  • Where's the beef?
  • Inviting, hot, hearty meals!

  • See a reflection of the food.

  • You are buying the food, not the hole.

  • Romantic hot Cocoa with marshmallows, wake-me-up bacon-and-eggs breakfast with down-home raison-bread toast, piping hot biscuits, steaming baked potatoes with melting pats of butter, hearty pork chops, and a delicious casserole!

Which would you rather purchase?  The microwave oven is now the world's largest selling home appliance, an incredible success.

Read Robert Weisman's story on the Grabowski Ratio™.


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Boston Globe article opens in a new window
The evidence from the Globe's role models
How the
microwave oven
became a super success
Dig deeper

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